7 Best Table Lamps For Reading That Will Tickle Glow At You

This Article based on the best table lamps for reading is a loud shout-out that will lead you to the right lighting for any room to be more inviting. Whether you’re reading in your living room or relaxing by the fireplace, it’s important that you have just the right lamp to light your space just right.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best table lamps for reading on Amazon, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs there.

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a table lamp for your reading needs. You might be looking for a lamp that is cozy, bright, or just plain fun to look at.

What kind of light would you like? Is it important to have a timer so that the light turns off automatically? These are all questions to take into consideration when purchasing your new lamp!

Here are the seven best table lamps for reading that are plucked at the base of the best reviews they achieve!

7 Best Table Lamps For Reading


Do you need an eye-care table lamp that will help you protect your eyes from the harmful rays of natural light? If so, then you’ll love the White crown LED desk lamp!

This stylish and minimalist table lamp features a white crown and is adjustable to provide the perfect level of light for your needs. It also has a full-spectrum light source, which means it offers a wider range of colors than traditional bulbs. Plus, its adjustable table height makes it perfect for any workspace!


  • Eye-friendly LED panel avoids eye fatigue.
  • 50 adjustable light choices for ideal light levels.
  • Touch control for easy adjustment.
  • Auto timer 30/60min for timed settings.
  • White color for a modern look.


  • May be too bright for some people.
  • One USB charging port may not be enough for everyone


The BenQ Blue Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamp is a great choice for anyone who needs an eye-care table lamp. It has a CRI of 95, which means that the colors will look natural and accurate.

The lamp also has 13 levels of color, so you can customize the look of your room. Additionally, the lamp has an LED lifespan of 50000 hours, which means it will last for years without needing to be replaced.


  • 35’’ wide illumination
  • 13 color temperature and 23 brightness adjustments
  • Auto-dimming
  • CRI>95
  • Great for offices and workspaces


  • Might be too wide for some desks
  • Not the best quality


If you’re looking for a stylish and functional bedside lamp, the Yarra-Decor Touch Control Table Lamp is perfect for you. This lamp comes with a sleek wood finish and is adjustable to three different light settings. You can also choose to have it dimmed for nighttime use.

The light source is an LED bulb, which is more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs. So, not only will this lamp save you money on your electric bill, but it also looks great in your home.

This Bedside Lamp with USB Port is perfect for any bedroom. With a modern, minimalist design, it features a wood finish and an LED light source. . It’s perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.


  • Small, minimalist design perfect for any bedroom
  • Touch control and dimmable
  • Wood finish with LED light
  • Three-way switch


  • The light could be brighter, but overall it’s a great lamp



The MAXvolador Seeded Glass Shade Bedside Reading Lamp is a beautiful and functional lamp. It has a modern style and comes in several colors, including warm white.

The lamp has a special feature – it is step less-dimmable, which means you can adjust the light’s brightness to your preference. It also comes with 2 USB ports that allow you to charge your devices simultaneously.

This industrial table lamp is a great addition to any room. The sleek design is modern and chic, while the industrial look is perfect for an antique or classic room. The lamp features a seeded glass shade that gives it a unique look and feel.


  • Fully step less dimmable.
  • Comes with 2 USB ports.
  • Vintage style nightstand lamp.
  • Seeded glass shade bedside reading lamp for bedroom.
  • 6W 2700K LED bulb included.


  • May not be the best for a large room.
  • Not the most powerful lightbulb out there


The MAXvolador Touch Control Table Lamp is a great product for anyone looking for a nightlight or light source in their bedroom. The lamp has six-watt LED Edison bulbs and comes with two USB charging ports as well as two AC outlets.

The lamp can be switched between three different brightness levels and features a soft light that is perfect for reading in bed or relaxing in your living room.


  • Dual USB charging
  • Touch control
  • Dimmable
  • Portable
  • Modern design


  • Some people have found that the touch-sensitive feature can be a bit sensitive, and may not work properly if you are wearing gloves or if your hands are wet.
  • The lamp does not come with a Christian Bale quote printed on it (sorry).


Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a dark room at night? UNIFUN’s new bedside lamps are the perfect solution to your problem! These lamps come with a rechargeable internal battery and are dimmable to perfectly suit your needs. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your personality or bedroom decor. Plus, their LED light source is reliable and will provide you with bright, comfortable light all night long. Whether you’re looking for a lamp to use in your bedroom or living room, UNIFUN’s bedside lamps are a perfect choice.


  • Comes with a rechargeable internal battery and is dimmable to perfectly suit your needs
  • Has a reliable LED light source
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Provides a bright, comfortable light all night long
  • Easy touch-control


  • Some people have complained about the lamp’s build quality

Yuusei Table Lamp Set of 2

Yuusei Table Lamp Set of 2, Touch Dimmable Bedside Lamp with Gray Round Shade and USB Charging Port, 4 LED Bulbs Included, Low Voltage Ambient Lighting for Bedroom, Living Room, Powered via USB Cable is a stylish and modern bedside lamp that comes with a gray round shade and a USB charging port. The light source is LED, making it a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms or any other space where low voltage ambient lighting is needed. It also features a dimmable feature that allows you to customize the light output according to your needs.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Low voltage ambient lighting for bedroom, living room, or any other space
  • Comes with a gray round shade and a USB charging port
  • Dimmable feature for customized light output
  • LED light source is energy efficient and last longer than conventional light sources


  • Limited color options available
  • Not suitable for areas with high traffic or heavy use

Buying Guide

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Table Lamps For Reading

There are many different types of table lamps that can be used for reading. Some of the features to consider when selecting the best lamp for reading are the light output, the color temperature, and the brightness. The light output is important because it determines how bright the light is.

The color temperature is also important because it affects how comfortable the light is to look at. The brightness should be adjustable so that you can adjust it according to your own needs.


When choosing the best table lamps for reading, size is one of the most important factors to consider. Not all readers have the same-sized table, so it’s important to find a lamp that fits comfortably on your desk.

Additionally, you should think about how you want the light to affect your reading. Some readers prefer a soft light while others prefer a brighter light. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which type of light you’re looking for.


When you’re trying to find the best table lamps for reading, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider. First, the type of light you’re looking for.

You can choose from incandescent, halogen, or LED light bulbs. Second, the size and shape of your lamp. Third, the price and quality of the lamp. And finally, how easy it is to attach the lamp to your table.

Style and Finish

If you’re looking for a stylish and high-quality reading lamp that also emits a soft glow, then you’ll want to consider purchasing a table lamp from one of our top recommended brands.

Our top picks come with a range of finishes and styles that will fit any décor. From modern to traditional, we have a variety of options that will make reading comfortable and relaxing.

When looking for a table lamp for reading, consider the style and finish. For example, some lamps have a modern style with a sleek metal base, while others have a more traditional look with a carved wood base.

You can also choose a lamp with a soft glow or one with a bright light. Once you’ve selected the style and finish, you can consider the features that are important to you.

For example, some lamps have adjustable light levels, while others include bookshelves for storing your books.

Bulb Type and Wattage

Some bulbs are designed to cast a warm light that will help you relax while you read, while others are brighter and designed for use in a more formal setting. Next, you’ll want to consider the wattage of the bulb.

Lamps with lower wattages will be cheaper but may not provide the same quality of light as lamps with higher wattages. Finally, make sure to find a lamp that fits your reading style-some lamps are designed to cast a shadow over your book, while others are designed to give off a soft glow.

Brightness and Color Temperature

As you begin to read books or articles in your favorite comfort zone, the light often becomes a critical part of the experience. So, what kind of light should you use?

According to numerous studies, using a light with a warm color temperature (around 6500K) is best for reading. This type of light simulates natural sunlight and makes you more alert and productive. However, if you prefer brighter light, you can go with light with higher brightness.

When looking for the best table lamps for reading, it is important to consider both brightness and color temperature. Table lamps come in a range of brightness levels, from very light to very bright.

It is also important to consider the type of light that you are looking for when reading. Some people prefer a soft light while others prefer bright light.

Additionally, table lamps come in a range of colors, from warm to cool. It is important to find a lamp that will complement your reading environment and give you the perfect amount of brightness and color temperature.


When it comes to reading, nothing is better than being surrounded by soft light. While some people prefer bright lights so that they can work or study in comfort, others may find the subdued glow of a few table lamps more agreeable.

In this roundup of the best table lamps for reading, we have selected lamps that come in all different shapes and sizes and will provide just enough light to make your books feel like companions rather than burdens.

So whether you are looking for a traditional lamp or something a little more unique, be sure to check out these picks.


What type of bulb should I use for my lamp?

You can use either an LED or Incandescent bulb, depending on the lamp you choose and your own preferences. It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for advice on which bulbs are compatible with your particular model.

How often should I replace my table lamp’s lightbulb?

That depends on the type of bulb you’re using. LED bulbs typically last longer than incandescent bulbs, but they both need to be replaced periodically. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions for a more accurate estimate.

Is it safe to leave my table lamp turned on overnight?

It’s generally safe to leave your lamp on overnight, but it is best to turn it off if you won’t be in the room for an extended period of time. This will help conserve energy and avoid any potential problems caused by prolonged use.

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