How to Replace a 3-way Lamp Switch

You should be able to fix and replace the lamp switches, wires, and other minor issues by yourself because that is the simplest thing you can do. If you want to replace a 3-way lamp switch by yourself, you are at the right spot.

I am gonna tell you the simplest way to replace a 3-way lamp switch.

Lamps are not only illuminating a certain area but also it is a perfect decorative element. Especially a 3-way lamp is also known as a tri-light which has three different ways to light a bulb with three output levels of light.

High, medium, and low.

Things you should consider before replacing a 3-way lamp switch:

  • For a 3-way turn lamp switch, you should have a light bulb with at least two brightness levels
  • You should have a wire cutter to cut the wires
  • Must check the condition of lamp’s cord, replace if needed
  • While replacing a cord you have to be careful to match the hot and neutral wire accurately to the appropriate screws

Replacing a 3-way lamp switch

Are you ready to replace a 3-way lamp switch in 10 easy steps?

Let’s do it!

Things You Will Need

  •  New switch
  • A screwdriver

Safety Measures

When replacing a 3-way lamp switch, there are a few safety measures to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the power is turned off before beginning any work.

Second, be careful not to touch any of the electrical wires with your bare hands. If you must touch them, use a pair of gloves or pliers.

Third, make sure that the new switch is properly installed and secured before turning the power back on.

Step 1

  • You should never take risks while working with electricity. So, a very first and important step is unplugging the lamp cord from the electrical outlet, you will be safe from an electric shock. So, don’t forget it because safety always comes first.

Step 2

  • Unscrewing the bulb

Step 3

  • Remove the harp

Step 4

  • Remove the socket and loosen the terminal screws

Step 5

  • Remove the attached wires from the socket and attach the detached wires to the new socket

Step 6

  • Attach the shade bracket and screw the bulb

Step 7

  • Replace the shade and plugin the lamp

Well done, you are done!

How to repair 3-way Lamp Switch

Three-way lamps are a great way to add light to any room. But if the switch goes bad, it can be tricky to replace. First, identify the broken switch and unscrew the old switch, and remove it from the socket. There will be three wires coming into the switch – one black, one white, and one green.

The black and white wires are the live wires, while the green wire is the ground. To replace the switch, simply twist each wire around its respective screw clockwise and tighten.

Make sure not to cross any of the wires. Once all the wires are connected, turn on the power and test the switch.

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In conclusion, replacing a 3-way lamp switch is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little patience and attention to detail, anyone can do it. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and take your time, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new lamp switch in no time.


Can I control the light output of a lamp?

Yes, you can control the light output of a lamp because a 3-way lamp switch has three different levels of light output high medium, and low.

How much time does it take to replace a 3-way lamp switch?

Replacing a 3-way lamp switch is easiest. If you follow the steps in the right sequence with the proper tools, you can replace them with ten minutes or less.

Which tools do I need to replace a 3-way lamp switch?

You need a cutter to cut the wires properly and a screwdriver to open the screws.

Is it safe to replace a 3-way lamp switch by yourself?

Yes, it is safe. Actually, you have to keep it safe. Just unplug the lamp wire from the electrical outlet. Don’t drop the bulb or lampshade on the floor. These are minor things you have to consider.

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