How To Make A Lava Lamp With Baking Soda?

how to make a lava lamp with baking soda

Who doesn’t love a lava lamp? You know, that motionless blob of goo that sits in the bottom of the bottle and never moves, but has those mesmerizing blobs of color floating around it like some kind of psychedelic art project? It’s just so cool! Well, I tried to make one myself with baking soda … Read more

7 Best Fairy Lights For Bedroom To Shine

Fairy Lights For Bedroom

Are you in a dilemma with bedroom furnishing despite having an appealing color scheme? Are you thinking about having a marvelous string of fairy lights to add rhythm to your bedroom? You are going to do appreciable for your mental and emotional empowerment, fairy lights for the bedroom are music absorbed by our eyes that … Read more

How to Fix a Lamp Switch in 9 Easy Steps

How to Fix a Lamp Switch

You probably don’t know how to fix a lamp switch. So, in this ultimate guide, I will teach you both how to replace a lamp switch and how to fix a lamp switch as well. If you are dealing with a flicking lamp. You have to fix your lamp switch immediately. Types of Lamp Switches … Read more

How to Replace a 3-way Lamp Switch

How to Replace a 3-way Lamp Switch

You should be able to fix and replace the lamp switches, wires, and other minor issues by yourself because that is the simplest thing you can do. If you want to replace a 3-way lamp switch by yourself, you are at the right spot. I am gonna tell you the simplest way to replace a … Read more